Artisan of excellence since 1908

The house Bacus grows and gathers knowledge of embroidery, trimmings, fabrics, laces, accessories and sewings. We produce in France a wide selection of very appreciated creations in the world by great fashion and design houses.

The world of entertainment, opera, movies, singers, artists also come for special productions.

Each brand is the result of a long history and a specific knowledge to discover in WHO WE ARE.

We are at your disposal for any questions regarding our operations and for specific applications. Do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

Centuries-old know-how

In 1908, the house Bacus born in Luneville, the birthplace of handmade embroidery. It already provides the first houses in Paris with hook embroidery highlighted of beads, stones, sequins (the first in gelatin).

The knowledge grew richer and opens up to other occupations. There will be Cornelia activities specialist of Cornely embroidery, Laurence lace and Novotex for bobbin lace, of COUTIER, renowned lingerie and corsetry, Dorieux, for all the work metallic stripes, archives of the House Souffre and Ardèche trimmings for its expertise. The house has Bacus lace activities, spindles, cornely embroidery, trimmings and fabric manufacture.

And for over a century it invents intimacy with the productions of the largest luxury brands and fashion houses in France and abroad. We can thank our customers for their loyalty to our requirement of always wanting to satisfy their needs. Our service commitment makes the house Bacus a laboratory of expertise and ideas with which to build all your creations.